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Protective film for galvanized metal protects the surface from being scratched or polluted. During the processes of transportation, installation and storage, there're possibilities that the metal may be destroyed or polluted. Therefore, it's necessary to stick approprite film on the surface of galvanized metal.
Basic materialLDPE
Glue typeAcrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive
Adhesive strength(g/25mm)30-250
Horizontal Elongation (%)300-900
Vertical Elongation (%)250-600
Delivery time15-20 Days
Our production
1锛塗he surface of the PE protective film is smooth and flat.
2锛塗he PE protective film has good extensibility.
3锛堿ll colors can be customized: transparent, white, green, blue, etc.
4锛塋ong storage life: it can be stored in warehouse over 1 year without any change in quality.
5锛塏o pollution and erosion: the adhesive is inert, it won鈥檛 create chemical reaction with the surface which need protection.
Test equipment
Packaging and deliveryChina Metal Surface PE Protective Film